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1 hours 60 minutes 2-6 gamers

60 000 000 000 smoking synapses

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The perfect entertainment

The perfect entertainment


Team building

The Escape Game is a playful team building exercise for everyone. Each individual contributes their unique ideas and approaches to achieve a common goal. A lively team comes into being by sharing the same and yet unique experience. The Escape Game fosters a spirit of collaboration and teamwork. Don’t miss neither this uplift in spirit nor the emotional well-being.


For families

We invite you and your family to get rid of the hectic of your daily routine! We promise an amazing and never-to-be-forgotten experience. Enjoy our family-friendly approach. Everybody can become a hero within this terrific game. Take pleasure in being a member of a specialists team – be it a sunny or a rainy day.

Freunde & partys

For party animals

The Escape Game works as an amazing bachelor party or a great night with your date. Why not having a blind date at our place within the Game? Do you need a special birthday present for your friend? It’s always a creative way to spend your spare time! If you love never-to-be-forgotten experiences, visit us! The Escape Game thrills you more than any party at night!


For travellers

Sightseeing is done? The hotel bar bores you? Do you like to make a different experience? You want to get to know other people? We offer you anything you need! An exciting free time activity! Afterwards, you can enjoy the old town of Leipzig at night.

What is spacial on EscapeGame Leipzig?

What is spacial on EscapeGame Leipzig?


You and your team are in a room full of puzzles and clues - in a playful manner you will discover your way through riddles and tasks - 60 minutes packed with thrills. Exciting and challenging!


Everything's better together. Teamed up with your friends or family you solve unusual puzzles and experience an hour of excitement and fun that flies by


Only 60 minutes left to solve the tasks and crack all puzzles. Exciting escape games that will fascinate you from the beginning. Book your adventure here!



This is how our Escape Games work

This is how our Escape Games work

Together you are locked in a room full of puzzles - that's why it's called Room Escape Game. The door closes behind you and the only way out is through the clues and tasks. Even though the game can be stopped at any time, a crackling tension still lies in the air. You have 60 minutes time - will you make it out of the Escape Room in time? Time is running. 

Piece by piece you puzzle your way through the clues. Among our Escape Games there is something for everyone, because all the rooms have different levels of difficulty. Our rooms are inventive and we take advantage of modern technology to create realistic and challenging tasks. Get a voucher for your first experience in our Escape Rooms in Leipzig!

Prices for our escape rooms



2 70€

3 85€

4 100€

5 110€

6 120€

EscapeGame Leipzig Contact

EscapeGame Leipzig Contact

Gottschedstraße 4, 04109 Leipzig