In the midst of the Egyptian desert, surrounded by mysteries and the promise of immense wealth, you, a group of daring treasure hunters, venture into the legendary burial chambers of Egypt. Your life up to this point has been filled with breathtaking adventures, but what awaits you today surpasses all previous experiences.

Due to a slight carelessness, you have disturbed the peace of the legendary Pharaoh Tutankhamun. Out of nowhere, without hesitation, the now awakened soul decides to confront you with a trial: It seals the exit of the burial chamber with a supernatural force.

The clock is mercilessly ticking. You have exactly one hour to break the curse and escape certain death by suffocation. It’s a race against time, full of puzzles and dangers that will demand all your courage and intelligence. The air is getting thinner, and with every breath, the tension grows – your escape from the burial chamber of Tutankhamun begins now.

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